I have for as long as i can remember wanted to learn Arabic, to speak, to write etc. So finally having started my journey, i decided to share information on how i am learning. I have a number of websites all covering different related topics. These websites do cost money to run, and since I do not accept advertising on the site (which would ruin your experience) I d use some affiliate links to help cover the costs.  That means, if you buy a product through a link on this site, I make a small commission.  This does not in any way affect the amount you have to pay for the product, far from it.  Since I have a relationship with these companies, I do occasionally get better deals from these companies I affiliate with, which in turn means you get better deals and bigger discounts.

I also wanted to let you know that I never accepted free products in exchange for a positive review. My recommendations are based solely on my own experiences with these products, and I only ever recommend products I pay for with my own money and personally use.


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